How do I offer different sizes of the same design?

For Multiple Design Sizes, Use the "Save As" Feature

If you want to create multiple sizes of the same design, you will want to use the Save As feature to create a copy of that design and then change the sizing in the Design Settings area under the Info tab. You will then need to select all of the Layers on the artboard and resize them to fit the new design size. 

Once you have created the different sizes of the design, you can add them to the same Corjl Listing so they can be available for customers in the same order.

For example: If you would like customers to choose from 5X7, 8X10 or 4X6 design sizes you will have to create three designs with these sizes and add them all to the same Corjl Listing. 

In addition, you can also use the Corjl Variations feature along with the features available in your marketplace or website to allow customer to select the sized design they want.

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