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*Disclaimer: Our Shopify app integration is currently pending Shopify's approval. Meanwhile, we offer a Shopify webhook to help streamline orders, although it doesn't support variations. For more information, click here.


Corjl Listings is a feature that makes it easier to organize and visually manage your designs by assigning them to listings in your Corjl account that mirror the listings you have in your Etsy, WooCommerce, and/or *Shopify stores. Corjl Listings also make it possible to integrate with variations you may offer in your stores and offer specific designs based on the customer's variation selections at checkout.


- Under the Info tab for designs, you will see a red highlighted section labeled Listings

- You’ll need to connect designs to a Corjl listing by typing in a name for a new Listing, or the name of an existing Listing. 

- Click on the "Save" icon (small icon on the RH side of the listing name). 

- This creates a Corjl listing. You can attach a design to as many listings as you want (to learn more about creating new listings, scroll down to Creating Corjl Listings at the bottom of this page).

- For details on where to find the shop listing ID to add to your Corjl listing, see our article here.


When you first open up the Listings tab in Corjl, you’ll see a list of all Corjl listings in your account and can search for specific listings by name or shop ID. Some other things you will see are:

  • Listing tags
  • The number of designs included in a listing
  • How many times a listing has been sold
  • If the listing has variations
  • Etsy, WooCommerce, and/or Shopify listing IDs that are connected to the Corjl listing
  • Date that the listing was last modified


Corjl > View Listings > Listings Information

If you click on a Corjl listing, you’ll be directed to the Listing Information section, where you can manage the listing. Some of the things you will be able to do are:

  • Change the listing name
  • Change the listing thumbnail image (this is for your own personal use only – customers will not see this)
  • Manage the listing tags
  • Find and copy the listing Demo Link
  • Connect the Corjl listing to the listing in your shop by adding Etsy, WooCommerce, and Shopify IDs
  • Add/remove designs from a listing
  • Choose which items show in the demo and/or order
  • Manage variations (you’ll only see this option if you have variations added to the connected listing from your shop)


There are two (2) ways to create a NEW Corjl listing:

  1. In the Info tab for a design, find the red highlighted Listings section. Type in a new listing name for a design (or type in the name for an existing Listing), then click on the Save icon (small icon on the RH side of the listing name).
  2. Open the Listings tab and select Create New Listing (blue button next to the search bars). Enter a listing name and click Save. You’ll be directed to the Listing Information page where you can add designs and manage the listing.


To delete a listing, click to open it, then you’ll see a trash can icon next to the listing name up at the top.

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