How do I connect a Corjl Listing to an Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce shop?

*Disclaimer: Our Shopify app integration is currently pending Shopify's approval. Meanwhile, we offer a Shopify webhook to help streamline orders, although it doesn't support variations. For more information, click here.

To connect a Corjl listing to a listing in your shop, you will first need the Etsy, Shopify* or WooCommerce shop listing ID number. To find the shop ID number, open up an Etsy, Shopify* or Woocommerce shop listing to edit, and you will see a number at the end of the URL. This is the ID number. Copy the ID number and paste it into the  Etsy, Shopify* or WooCommerce ID section under the Listings tab, then click Save.

Etsy Listing ID Location

 Shopify* Product ID Location

WooCommerce Post ID Location

Once you have found that ID number, you will want to copy it and paste it into the corresponding location in your Corjl Listing:

Once the Shop ID has been added to the Corjl listing, your listing is now connected to Corjl and ready to sell. However, you can "test" the listing connection by copying the Demo link (shown above) into a new browser window and then clicking on the Buy Now button. If the correct Shop Listing opens when you click on the Buy Now button in the Demo, then you know your listings are connected correctly.

See video below for more information on Corjl Listings:

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