Marketing Your Corjl Demos

Using Your Demos to Market Your Shop

One of Corjl's great features is the demo link.  Each listing can have its own unique link for customers to edit and TRY BEFORE THEY BUY. A common place to share the Corjl Demo link is in Etsy listing descriptions.  However, this description can get hidden below the fold and customer's may not always see it! Here is a tip to bring your demo URL close to the top where customer's will not miss it!

When creating your Etsy listing choose to turn on the "Personalization" option.  This personalization option is where you can paste your demo URL.  

You can also add information here to let your customers know that they are purchasing an editable or (Do It Yourself) template.  

Once you turn the personalization option on it will appear higher up in your listing

Now, customers can easily see your demo right by the "Add to cart" button. So, they can try before they buy - save their edits and still "buy now"

Even add emojis, hearts or exclamation points near the demo to really get their attention!

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