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*Disclaimer: Our Shopify app integration is currently pending Shopify's approval. Meanwhile, we offer a Shopify webhook to help streamline orders, although it doesn't support variations. For more information, click here.

Corjl has a Demo feature that allows customers to test out your designs before they purchase. Each Corjl Listing provides sellers with a Demo Link that customers can use to "test" out the design before buying. In addition, Corjl has a "BUY NOW" button feature that allows customers to make edits in the Demo, save those edits, and then be taken straight to the listing to purchase--all within the Design Demo.

You can find the Demo Link for your Corjl Listing in the Listing Information area on the listing page:

Copy and paste this link into your Etsy, Shopify*, and/or WooCommerce product listing page for customers to test out your designs.

Using the "Buy Now" Button Feature

The "Buy Now" button is enabled for all Demos by default in you Corjl Settings. To turn the feature off, go to your Settings > Listing and Design Settings > Global Listing and Design Settings and then uncheck the Display Buy Now Button in Demo option.

Please Note: If a Corjl listing is currently attached to one or more listing (via Shopify*, Etsy and/or WooCommerce) the demo "Buy Now" button will default to the Etsy listing. To redirect your demo to a shop listing other than your Etsy listing, simply add a "/w" at the end of the demo link to take customers to the WooCommerce listing, or an "/s" at the end of the demo URL for the button to be directed to the Shopify listing. 

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