Corjl + Paperless Post® Integration - Digital Invitation Setup & FAQs

Corjl Paperless Post - Send Invitations Online

What is the Paperless Post integration?

Your customers can send online invitations through Paperless Post immediately after editing their item in Corjl. All online invitations will allow you to receive a *percentage in return.

*Corjl is currently working on an affiliate program which will allow Corjl sellers to earn a commission for sales through Paperless Post.

With the Corjl Paperless Post integration, you can send invitations online via text, email or link. You can also manage RSVPs, send follow up reminders and more.
Your customer's view in the Corjl order, after selecting the "Send Online" option

What are the benefits of using Paperless Post?

Paperless Post allows users to upload their own card or invitation design (such as one they have purchased from your shop), then, access all of the intuitive customization and event management tools available on the Paperless Post platform. These features include:

• Sending via email, text, or link.

• Staying organized with RSVP tracking.

• Scheduling follow-ups and event reminders.

• Asking Guest Questions, creating Guest Tags, and more.

How to integrate with Paperless Post

To integrate Paperless Post with your Corjl account, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the upper right corner Settings > Listing & Design Settings (Global Listing & Design Settings).
  • Check the box that says "Enable Sending Digital Files via Paperless Post"
In Corjl Seller Dashboard: Settings > Listing & Design Settings

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q: What is the Paperless Post integration in Corjl?

A: This is an optional service that provides a “Send Online” button in your customer’s order view.

Next to the Download button on both desktop and mobile, your customer will now see a "Send Online" button that will direct them to this page on the Paperless Post website, once enabled.

The “Send Online” button opens up a pop-up in Corjl where your customer can easily download their customized invitation template. Once your customer downloads the files to their computer, they are sent to the Paperless Post website where they can upload their design, add event details, send their invitations, and track RSVPs. You will earn a percentage of each purchase.

Q: How do I get access to the Send Invites feature in my Corjl account?

A: This feature will be available in Settings > Listing and Design Settings, but is inactive until you enable this option.

Q: Can customers still send invitations even if I have not signed up for the Corjl affiliate program?

A: Yes, this button will appear for customers even if you haven't signed up for the Corjl Affiliate program (coming soon).

Q: Does Paperless Post have an affiliate program I can sign up with directly?

A: No. The "Send Online" option with Paperless Post will only be compensated through the Corjl-provided affiliate platform, once enabled.

Q: If my customer has multiple pages to their design can they send it via Paperless Post?

A: Customers can upload a second image to the 'backside' of the invitation and the animated Card will flip to show both sides, front and back.

Q: If my customer is having issues with their online invitation, who do I contact?

A: Contact Paperless Post at

Q: Can I mention Paperless Post in my listing descriptions?

A: Yes, you can mention Paperless Post in listings such as in the description, tags, images, etc. You can add images to your listings as well. Those can be found when you download here.

The verbiage should include the registered trademark symbol ® and be worded similar to the following:

"This invitation design can be emailed, texted, or shared via Paperless Post®"

Note: Avoid verbiage that indicates this is a Paperless Post template. Example of an incorrect use of the brand in listings: "New Paperless Post® Templates, just in time for the holidays".


Q: Will I be paid for Paperless Post events sent?

A: Corjl is currently working on providing an affiliate program that will allow sellers to earn a portion of each sale made through Paperless Post. This should be available later in October 2023.

Q: How often or when will I be paid for orders?

A: Once the Corjl affiliate program is available, payments will be accrued and dispersed once per month.

Q: What are the fees associated with allowing Paperless Post?

A: There is no additional cost or fees associated in your Corjl account for offering invitations sent through Paperless Post.

Q: How do my customers pay to send through Paperless Post? 

A: Customers purchase "Coins" on Paperless Post that can be used to send online invitations. They will make payments to Paperless Post. 

Viewing Orders

Q: How can I view my customer’s Paperless Post purchases?

A: Corjl is working on dashboard that will allow sellers to view and track customer's purchased items on Paperless Post. This is anticipate to be available when the Corjl affiliate program is in place.

For further questions related to your Corjl settings, please email

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