What does being billed "per listing" mean?

The term "per listing fee" refers to the transaction fee that will be charged by Corjl. This fee is based per Corjl Listing that is purchased by a customer from your shop. You will only be charged one transaction fee for each Corjl Listing that is purchased, even if that Corjl Listing contains multiple designs. For example,  if you have a listing for a "party pack" that contains designs for an invitation, thank you card, and tag, you will still only be charged one transaction fee by Corjl when that listing is purchased from your shop.

If a customer purchases multiple listings from your shop in one transaction, however, you will be charged a separate fee for each of the listings purchased even if they were all purchased at the same time in the same transaction.

For specific questions on how you are being billed or your Corjl bill, please contact Corjl Billing at billing@corjl.com.

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