Using the "Customer Images" Feature to Provide Image Options for Customers

If you want to offer multiple image options for your customers to choose from when editing a design, you will want to use the Customer Images feature. This feature is great for creating a design with multiple image icons or color options without having to create a different design for each version. Customers will be able to select from these image options from the pop-up window that appears when they click on the Add New Image button in their order, or select an Image on the canvas and click Replace Image.

To add images to the Customer Images tab for a design, locate the image you want to add for your customer in your My Images area. Right-click on the image and select Add to Customer Images

This will add the image to the Customer Images tab and will now be available as an option when your customer clicks on either the Add New Image or Replace Image buttons when editing:

To remove an image from the Customer Images area, click on the Customer Images tab for that design, right-click on the image you want to remove, and select Remove from Customer Images.

You can also use the Auto-sync feature to sync tagged sets of images to the Customer Images section of the design for customer use.

Please note that you will need to have the Customer Can Upload Images option selected in the Customer Settings for the design in order for customers to have access to these options.

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