Auto-sync Feature for Fonts and Images

Want an easy way to update the fonts and images you offer to customers in your designs? Use the Auto-sync feature with our tagging system! The Auto-sync feature allows you to add a preset number of fonts into the Design Fonts area for customer use and a preset number of images into the Backgrounds and Customer Images areas.

Here's how this works: create a tag and apply that tag to the set of fonts/images you want to include in multiple designs. For example, create the tag "customerfonts" for the set of fonts. Then apply that tag to as many fonts as you want included in your designs. Once your fonts are tagged, go to the Info > Fonts area for your design and click on the Design Fonts tab. There you will see the Auto-sync with Tagged Fonts option. Select the box and then type in the tag "customerfonts" in the Sync Tags area as shown below:

You will now see all of the fonts that you have tagged with the "customerfonts" tag appear in the Design Fonts area for that design. Now, going forward, any fonts that you tag with the "customerfonts" tag in the future will automatically be added to any design that you have auto-synced with that tag. 

This process works the same way for images as well. You will find the same Auto-sync option in the Backgrounds tab for background images, and the Customer Images tab.

Learn more in the video tutorial below:

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