How do I add instructions for my customers?

Create Your Own Instructions as a Design in Corjl

You will need to create your own customer instructions as a design in your Corjl account. Corjl does provide sample customer instructions for your reference ( see Corjl Customer Instructions doc). You can copy and paste images and text from the provided Corjl Customer Instructions document into your design, or use your own information.

Create a design using images, text and other elements (and your branding) as a design in Corjl. If you want customers to be able to download and print the instructions, make sure you select the format they can download with under the Info tab, otherwise leave blank.

Adding Instructions To Your Orders

Once created, you will want to add these Instructions to your Corjl listings. You can add them manually to a Corjl listing by using the Add Designs to Listing button found on the Corjl listing page. Search for the name of your instructions design and select to add to your Corjl listing.

If you have a set of Instructions that you want automatically added to all new Corjl listings, you can set those designs to be added by default in the Default Listing Settings area of your account Settings.

In your design file, locate and copy the design ID # number, located at the end of the URL in your browser (shown below).     

Next, go to your account  Settings (upper RH corner, under seller profile), and click on the Listing and Design Settings tab. Under Default Listing Settings, paste the instruction design ID # into the sections for demo/order instructions.

Add as many instruction IDs as needed. The instructions will automatically be added to any NEW Corjl listing that is created in your account, but won’t automatically be added to existing Corjl listings/orders (you will need to add those manually). Your instructions will now be included in orders for customers.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials on how to create and add instructions to your orders can be found below:

Part 1: Creating Customer Instructions

Part 2: Adding Instructions to Orders

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