My customer is having problems editing their order. How can I help them?

If your customer is experiencing trouble when editing their order, it usually is due to one of the following:

1. Your customer is using the wrong browser.

The most common reason customers have difficulty editing their order is because of the type of browser they are using. Although some features are supported in Safari and Firefox, many features are not, so customers will usually experience problems when using these browsers. We advise customers to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You can check the customer log under the Orders tab to see which browser/device your customer is using.

2. Your customer is trying to make unsupported changes on a mobile device.

If customers are using a mobile device and are unable to make changes they need (add new images, change text color, add extra text boxes, etc), advise them to use a desktop or laptop computer. You can see which type of device your customer is using by viewing the customer log under the Orders tab.

3. Your design is not set up right and is not easy to use.

Make sure your design allows customers to easily select items and add text. Be sure that smaller text boxes aren’t layered behind larger text boxes, which will prevent customers from being able to selecting the text. Make sure that there is enough room in a text box for customers to easily add their text. Also, try to avoid having a lot of individual layers or large images, which can make it slow and hard for customers to use. Instead, flatten multiple images together before uploading onto Corjl, and combine multiple lines of text into one text box, if possible (see Image Best Practices).

4. The order didn’t load properly, or there was a glitch with the server.

If a customer’s order is not loading, comes up blank or there is another problem, try to login as a buyer and duplicate the problem. If you cannot duplicate the issue, ask your customer to refresh their page or logout then log back in to try again. If your customer is still having problems, contact support (

5. There is a bug or problem with a font style.

If you believe there is a problem that is due to a bug in the platform or problem with a font, first try using another browser (we recommend Chrome). If you’re still having problems, please contact support (

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