Revert to Original Feature

You can allow your customers to have the option to revert their design to its original layout.

When enabled, customers can use the Revert to Original button, located next to their listed design (LH side of page).

Seller Instructions

Please note that if you make changes to an original design, this will not affect the purchased design unless the customer reverts it back to the original. If you delete your original design, this will not affect your customer’s item and they will still be able to revert their design back to the original.

This setting is enabled by default on all accounts, but you can disable this feature for your orders if you would like. The setting automatically applies to all orders.

To disable the Revert to Original feature, go to your account Settings > Listing and Design Settings > Global Listing and Design Settings. Uncheck the Display Revert to Original Button in Order option. The Revert to Original button will no longer show in your customer's orders.

If you choose to not allow the button to show and a customer needs to revert the design back to the original version, then they will need to contact you to reset everything back to the starting state for them. Sellers can revert the design in the Designer View for the order.

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