Direct Order Links

This option is only available upon request. Please contact Corjl support to enable this option in your account. Regular per-item order charges apply.

The Direct Order Link option allows customers to create an order via a clickable URL link provided by you. The link is convenient if you want to provide design access for your customer base outside of your connected shop. For example, you could paste the link into a mass email, or embed the link in a PDF download file for customers to click to create an order.

To create a direct order link, open up your  Orders tab and select Direct Order Links on the top RH side. Then click Create Direct Order Link and you'll be able to choose a design/listing, set limits for how many times the link can be accessed and more.

An order is created when a user clicks on the link and either creates an account or logs in. So if it’s a new user, the order will be created when they register. If it’s an existing user, the order is created when they login and access the new item.

Direct Order Links can be managed on the Direct Order Links page:

On this page you can create Direct Order Links and manage existing links.

Please note: You will be charged a transaction fee the first time each unique customer clicks on the link and logs in, so be careful and budget accordingly when using this feature.

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