Editing With Corjl on a Mobile Phone

Customers love being able to purchase and personalize their items all on the same device. Purchased items can be accessed and personalized with iOS & Android devices through a mobile browser. 

When a customer logs into a mobile device, they can access any included instructions and all of the designs included in an order by clicking on the drop-down menu in the top LH side of the screen. They can also access any previous orders by clicking on the shopping cart icon, located in the top RH corner.

Customers can replace existing text and images, but cannot add new text boxes or additional images. Customers can also revert back to original, save and download (if provided).  Note: At this time, only simple edits can be made using a mobile device. Full editing features will need to be accessed on a laptop/computer.


Note: Mobile functionality is intended for basic editing and downloading of purchased items by customers only. Advanced seller/designer tools are NOT available on mobile devices at this time. Additional advanced functionality is available for customers on desktop devices only.

1) To edit text on a mobile device, tap a text box then select Edit Text in the bar displayed below. Replace the text, then select Next to continue editing other text boxes on the design. When finished, X-out of the popup box.

2) To replace an image, tap on it twice (double-tap), then choose an image from the popup window (if provided) or add one from your device. Text and images can be resized by dragging on any of the corner gray circles and dragging it inwards or outwards. Unlocked items can be moved around on the design.


If you provide customers the ability to download their items, they will see a download icon located in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Customers can download a design onto their device, or have the download emailed to themselves or others. They can also choose paper size, pages to download, trim marks, bleed and/or multiple items per page.

Please note that different phones download the files to different locations on the mobile device. If your customer is having issues locating the download file, they can choose to have the file emailed to themselves instead.

If you will be processing customer orders, they will see the option to save/mark as complete in the bar at the bottom of the screen. You will see that the order is ready to process under View Orders.

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