Background Library for Customers

Include background images for your customers to choose from in any given design.

Add background images for customers to choose from by opening up the design. Then select you’d like to add a background and clicking on the My Images tab.

Find the background you’d like to include, then right-click on it and select Add to Backgrounds. Open up the tab that says Backgrounds (next to the My Images tab), and you’ll see that the image you just added is displayed. You can add as many backgrounds as you want to a design.

Once you have selected the Add to Backgrounds option for this image, it will now appear in the Backgrounds tab as shown here:

And it will also show as an option when a customer clicks on the Edit Background button in their order:

If you need to remove a background, right-click on it and select Remove from Backgrounds. Also be sure to un-check the No Image box if it’s selected.

To allow customers to be able to change the background image or background color of their purchased design, go to Customer Settings found in the Info tab for the design and select the Customer Can Change Background option.

If you want the background that is displayed on the artboard to stay in place (not move around), but still be replaceable by your customers, you can freeze it (right click > Freeze > Frozen) but do not lock or hide the background layer, as your customers won’t be able to select and replace it if done so. 

Customer View

Customers can view and choose from the included backgrounds by either selecting Add New Background or Replace Background. This appears only when the background is selected. A new window will popup and they can choose from the provided images.

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