Freeze Feature

Freeze the location of a text box or an image, so that it can't be moved. Customers will still be able to use the Style options or change the wording, color, size of the text, or to use the Styles or Replace Image features for images.

Highlight the text box or image you want to freeze, then right-click and select Freeze > Frozen. If you still want customers to have the option to delete the image/text box if unwanted, select Freeze > Frozen and  Deletable. Customers won’t be able to unfreeze frozen text boxes . Freeze will also work if you want the placement of an image used with a clipping mask to stay the same, but still allow customers the option to replace it with the Replace Image option.

Designer View

Customer View 

Customers can edit the text in the text box, but not move it if the designer freezes the text box.

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