Multiple Artboards

You may find it convenient to use a multiple artboard layout when creating certain designs in Corjl. When creating a design with multiple artboards, you are basically dividing the entire design canvas into smaller sections. Each artboard will have its own set of Layers that can only be viewed when that particular artboard is selected. Images and text can not overlap from one artboard into another.

Multiple artboards are especially useful if youโ€™re creating folding designs such as programs, place cards, brochures, books, or other similar items.

Steps for Using Multiple Artboards in a Design

1. Go to Create New Design (or the New button) and enter the design name and tags.

2. Choose a Page Layout: single artboard, 2 artboards for a vertical fold (tent fold), 2 artboards for horizontal fold (book fold), or specify a Custom layout.

To create a custom artboard layout, select Custom, then enter the artboard details below (how many down and across). 

3. Choose an Artboard Size: this size will apply to each individual artboard in the design, NOT the size of the design overall. So if you want to make a 5x7-inch card that folds in half to 3.5x5-inches in size, you will size each artboard at 3.5x5-inches, which will make a 5x7-inch design overall.

If you want to save the artboard size for future use, enter the name in the Page Setting Name box, then save. Youโ€™ll be able to choose the art-board from Load Page Setting in the drop drop-down box next time you create a design.

Multiple or Custom Artboard Setup Video Tutorial

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