How do I use Corjl to sell a personalized end product like a t-shirt or mug?

You can use Corjl to sell custom physical product items like mugs, t-shirts, cutting boards, etc. by using our Physical Product options when creating your design in Corjl. To begin, select the Physical Item Design option in the Create New Design window:

In the next window in the Set Item Image area, you can upload an image that will be used as a “mockup” of the physical product you are creating the design for (see image below). For example, an image of a blank mug or t-shirt. This image is optional, but can be used to help customers see and understand how the design will be placed and appear on the final product. Any image you upload as the Item Image will be sized to fill the background of the design using the Set Design Dimensions area.

Set Design Dimensions – The total size of the design can be specified here. If you want the entire area of the design to allow for adding editable items and for the download file to download at this size, then leave the Printable Area Smaller than Design option unchecked. If you are using an Item Image as a mockup and want the editable/printable area to encompass a smaller area than the entire mockup image, select the box next to the Printable Area Smaller than Design option. This will create the design with a “window” area that restricts customer editing to this space on the mockup image. It also ensures that the downloaded print file will stay within the size of this smaller area as well. 

Please Note: Checking this box does not apply the Width and Height settings to the designated Printable Area⏤it only pertains to the design as a whole. You will be able to set the exact dimensions of the printable (editable) area on the next page. 

Once you have the design size and layout you want, click on the Save button to open the new design.

Once the design is created, go to the Info tab and find the Saving & Printing Options section. There you can set the size of the editable and downloadable area in the Printable Area section:

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