Corjl Graphics Licensing Terms

 All Corjl-provided Graphics (known as “Starter Graphics”) are owned by Corjl and subject to this License Agreement. Corjl retains all rights and ownership over Starter Graphics provided for designer use in the Corjl platform. Corjl retains the right to add or remove any Starter Graphics from the platform at any time. Corjl Starter Graphics cannot be downloaded and used in other editing platforms outside of Corjl. Starter Graphics cannot be shared or given away in any form and can only be sold as a component of a graphic design composition using other design elements. For example, you cannot sell a poster with only a single Starter Graphic as-is on the poster—you must add other images or text. However, if the Starter Graphic is altered in a significant way by adding text over the image, cropping a portion of the image, etc., then single use on a poster is allowed. (Note: changing the colors of the graphic does not constitute a “significant” change.) 


  • Use Corjl Starter Graphics combined with other images and/or text (i.e. design compositions) to create commercial products.
  • Use Corjl Starter Graphics to create design compositions for digital downloads, printable paper items (including invitations, tags, decorations, banners, etc.), and physical products (such as mugs, t-shirts, ornaments, etc.).
  • Alter the original appearance of Corjl Starter Graphics in a significant way if using a single image as the main element of a design.


  • Use unaltered Corjl Starter Graphics as stand-alone graphics with no other design elements on the canvas/item for any commercial product; digital or physical.
  • Download Corjl Starter Graphics for use in any other editing platforms outside of Corjl.
  • Share, resell, or give away Corjl Starter Graphics.
  • Use Corjl Starter Graphics in any offensive or pornographic materials.
  • Use Corjl Starter Graphics to create a trademarked or copyrighted design or logo.
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