Corjl Assistant Accounts Feature

This feature is in Beta Testing mode. Please report any issues that may come up to Corjl Support.
The Corjl Assistant Accounts feature allows sellers to add virtual assistants to their accounts to help create and edit designs. 
This feature is only available for any accounts using the SCALE subscription.

Creating and Managing Assistant Accounts

When you log into your account, go to your Account Information area under the name in the upper right corner. There you will see the option named Assistant Accounts. This is where you can create and manage your virtual assistants.

Once you click on that option, you will be taken to the Assistant Accounts page. The names and information for each of your assistants will appear here. Currenlty, Assistant Accounts feature allows for 2 assistants. We are actively working on an update to improve assistant account functionality. If more than 2 assistant accounts are needed, please contact Corjl Support to be added to the waiting list to be contacted once this feature has been released.
To create and add an Assistant to your account, click on the “ +” button on the right-hand side.

This will open up the Create User window. Add in your Assistant’s information in the appropriate boxes and then click the Create button. Please note that the assistant account should have a unique username. If the username added is already in our system, you will be prompted to enter in a different username.

At this time the only Permission option available for Assistants is “Editor.” This allows permission to create new designs from scratch or edit existing designs that you will make available to them. Any new designs that are created by an Assistant will immediately appear in the Seller's Open Designs area of their account.
After clicking on the Create button, the Assistant will be visible in the Assistant Accounts area and an email invitation will be sent to the Assistant’s email address. Assistants will need to click on the Create Password button in the email invitation to create a password for their account and to log in. Once this account has been created, Assistants will use the regular Seller Login from the Corjl website to access their account.
To edit the Assistant’s information and permissions, select the box next to the Assistant’s name and click on the “pencil” icon button on the far right. To delete the Assistant, click on the “trash can” icon button.

Giving Assistants Access to Designs and Assets

Assistants will only have access to the designs and/or assets that are allowed by the Seller. Once an Assistant account has been created, click on the blue hyperlinked name of the Assistant to assign permission to access these items.
After clicking on the name, you will see a screen with the Assistant’s name and the following three tab options: Share Designs, Share Images, and Share Fonts 

Clicking on each tab will list all of the designs, images, and fonts in the Seller’s account, respectively. Click to select the items you want to share with the Assistant and then click the Save button to share those items.
Share Designs - to select from existing designs to share with the Assistant, click on the selection box next to the design’s name. Multiple designs can be selected at once. You can also search for specific designs or search by tags. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Designs that are shared with Assistants are original copies. Changes that are made and saved to the design by Assistants will immediately be saved in the Seller's account--this includes changes to designs that are currently being sold "live" in a connected Corjl Listing. If you do not want changes saved to a "live" design that is connected to a shop listing, please make a copy of that design before sharing it with an Assistant and share the copy instead.***

Share Images - similarly, images can be shared with Assistants by clicking on the selection box next to the image name.

Share Fonts - searching and sharing fonts works the same way. In addition to the Search and Tag Search features, you will see an option named “Package.” This will sort fonts by AllStandard Fonts or Creative Fabrica Fonts.

Additional Information on Sharing

Images and/or fonts that are being used on the canvas of shared designs are automatically selected under the Share Images and Share Fonts tabs at the time the designs are selected in the Share Designs tab. These images and fonts will appear in the Assistant's My Fonts and My Images areas by default to be available for creating new designs and editing existing designs.

If there are images and/or fonts included in a design that you only want available in that specific design and not added to the My Fonts/My Images areas for the Assistant for other use, you can click on the Sharing Images/Sharing Fonts tabs after selecting designs and uncheck the box next to those fonts or images. This will leave the images/fonts on the design canvas for editing, but will not allow those assets to be used in any other designs by the Assistant.

Revoking Access for Designs, Images, and/or Fonts

You can remove access from an Assistant for any designs, images, and/or fonts at any time by going to the desired tab and unselecting that item. Once access has been removed, these designs and assets will no longer be available or appear in the Assistant's account.
--Removing access to a design will also remove any images and/or fonts being used on the canvas of that design unless those items are being used on the canvas of another design as well.

--Removing access to specific images or fonts will remove those images or fonts from the My Images and My Fonts areas for that Assistant so they are not available for creating new designs. However, any design in the Assistant account that currently has those assets on the canvas will keep those fonts/images on the canvas.

Assistant Instructions

Basic instructions for activating and creating designs with an Assistant Account can be found here.

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