SVG Download Option

This feature is currently in Beta Testing mode. Please read the list of Conditions for feature limitations.

One of the file type options Corjl offers for downloads is SVG files. This image option is ideal for creating physical products, crafts, and download files that can be scaled and resized for larger items such as logos, banners and backdrops.

You will find the SVG option under the Saving & Printing Options area of the Info tab for your design: 

You can also set the SVG option enabled by default for all new designs in the Listing and Design Settings area under Saving & Printing Options of the account Settings for your account:


- At this time the SVG download option is only available for NEW designs. This is to ensure that the design follows all of the requirements listed below.

- Only SVG images and text can be used in creating an SVG file download. If there is a JPG or PNG image on the canvas, then the SVG download option will be disabled.

- The SVG option will only download one page at a time. If you have a design with multiple pages designated for SVG download, please advise your customers to download each page one at a time instead of selecting the "All" options.

- If you want to upload an SVG image downloaded from Corjl back into your My Images area, the downloaded SVG will first need to be opened and resaved in Adobe Illustrator before being uploaded to your Corjl account in order to work properly on the Corjl canvas.

- Some of the text and image Style options may not be compatible with SVG downloads. Please test the functionality of your SVG designs prior to listing them for customer use.

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