Color Swatches and Palettes

You can create color palettes for your designs in two ways: one is using  Preset Color Swatches found in the Color Picker area. The other is using the Color Palettes tool found under the Info tab which provides a fixed set of colors for the design. Below we explain how each feature differs from the other and how they work.

Preset Color Swatches using the Color Picker

To create a  suggested color palette while still giving customers the option to choose their own colors, use the Preset Color Swatches option.

To add a  Preset Color Swatch, click on the Color Picker box in the tools panel and a popup window will appear where you can select a color. Click Add Color (below the color circle), then you'll see the color appear in the Preset colors area. Add up to 12 colors per design. You can delete a color by clicking on the "X" above the color.

Fixed Color Palettes

Located in the Info tab in your designs, there is a new feature called Color Palettes. You can use this feature to create a set color palette specific to designs. Once created, that saved palette can be applied to any design.

Please note that once a design has an assigned Color Palette using this feature, those are the ONLY color options that customers will be able to use for editing the design. They will not be able to choose their own colors for fonts or shapes.

There are a few other things to note:

1. Any text boxes, shapes, etc. that start out as different colors before a color palette is added will not change colors. They will retain their original color. However, if you try to change their colors they will only have the set color palette options.

2. Drop Shadow and Outer Glow color boxes do not use the Color Palettes. This is because they might need something that is not what you would want for the rest of the design.

3. When a text element is added to the page, it will default to the first color in the Color Palette.

4. When you change an existing  Color Palette, you are changing it globally across all designs that use that palette.

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