How do I resize my image file?

Corjl has a 20MB image size file limit. This is because browsers have a difficult time processing and working with images larger than that size. In order to upload an image that is larger than 20MB, you will need to reduce the file size of that image to less than 20MB.

There are many free online websites that will do this for you. Here is a list of a few of those options:

Each of these sites will reduce the size of an image by a certain percentage amount that you select.

If available, you can also use graphic editing software such as Photoshop or another similar software.

PLEASE NOTE: 20MB is an extremely large size for an image. Reducing an image that large--even by 50 percent--will NOT affect the print quality of that image in any way. An image that is 10MB in size, for example, will still print at around 12x12-inches in size at 300 ppi. That is large enough for any printable product--including large posters and banners.

For more information on how image size works when creating and selling designs in Corjl, please visit our Best Practices for Images in Corjl page.

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