How do I change plans?

 For the monthly plans, if you are upgrading, you will see a prorated charge for the remainder of the month and an immediate change in transaction fees.  If you are downgrading, the change will take effect on your next billing date. We only allow changes to an annual plan with the first 30 days beginning once the free trial is over.

For upgrading to an annual plan please email to let us know and we will prorate the fees. You will essentially be charged the difference for what remains on your annual plan. 

For example, if you upgrade from the Grow Plan to the Scale Plan at 6 months, it would look like this:

95.94 Credit 6 months Grow Plan

239.94 Charge 6 months Scale Plan 

144.00 Actual charge to your account.

If you are downgrading from an annual plan your new subscription plan will not go into effect until the end of your current billing cycle (the end of your 1st year)

You can switch plans by going to your account Settings which is found in the User Profile menu (drop-down in upper RH side under your name). 

Next, click on the Billing Settings tab and scroll down to Subscription Plan (bottom LH side). You can then change your subscription plan in the drop-down boxes. Be sure to save your changes in the upper right-hand side when finished.

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