Creative Fabrica Server License Fonts

Corjl has partnered with Creative Fabrica to offer an exclusive selection of server-licensed fonts. Choose from hundreds of Creative Fabrica premium fonts, provided in the Font Gallery on Corjl ($9.99/mo. additional fee applies).


Save hundreds of dollars with a great variety of server-licensed, premium fonts from Creative Fabrica – already installed and ready to use in Corjl.

This is a special opportunity because the installation of premium fonts on a 3rd party software/server is NOT included with a Creative Fabrica font purchase (see their licensing policies here).

Typical server licenses usually cost anywhere from 10-15x  the cost basic font price per font. This is a wonderful feature that we hope you’ll take advantage of!

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Creative Fabrica fonts, click on any Creative Fabrica font in the Font Gallery (fonts have a "CF" icon will be grayed out) and a new window will pop up where you can choose to add the subscription.

You can also add/manage the subscription in your account Settings (upper LH corner, under seller profile) under the Billing Settings tab. You’ll see a section that says Subscription Plan where you can add/manage your Creative Fabrica subscription.

Note For Existing Creative Fabrica Subscriptions

Please note that if you already have a subscription to Creative Fabrica, you’ll still need to purchase a subscription on Corjl as the licensing is different. Choose from over 600 fonts, provided in the Font Gallery on Corjl. This includes many popular public domain fonts and other fonts that do not require a server license to use on Corjl.

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