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You can email us at or contact us through our social media channels.  We also have many video tutorials for you online.

We have many video tutorials on our YouTube channel, as well as some tutorials on our social media pages and step-by-step instructions on our knowledge base. 

Knowledge Base: If you need a quick answer to a question or want to find the frequently asked question section - our knowledge base has all the answers! Step by step tutorials can also be found here:

YouTube Channel: Our channel has playlists dedicated to you, the designer, to help with specific features and settings. There are also playlists for new Corjl sellers getting started as well as videos to help YOUR customers while they edit:

Social Media: Feel free to take a look at our social media page on Instagram and Facebook for tips, tricks and Corjl customer experiences. In addition to those pages, we have a Facebook Group that our sellers join to discuss their favorite aspects of Corjl and to help others with tips and advice they have found beneficial. Feel free to join this group as well:

Resource Packet: Our resource packet has our full instructions booklet as well as our font inventory. The packet also has customer instructions you can upload to your Shop listings to help customers navigate through Corjl. That packet can be downloaded here:

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