What does the Order Status for orders mean?

The Status of your orders is shown in the far right column on your Orders tab. The Status of your order lets you know the stage that this order is in and what stage the customer is in regarding editing and downloading their design(s).

Here are the Order Status levels and what each level means:

  • Email Not Sent - You will see this status for an order that you have created manually in your account and had not selected the Send Email to Customer option at the time the order was created.
  • Not Opened - This status lets you know that the order email has been sent to the customer, but the customer has not yet clicked on the order link and logged in.
  • Incomplete - The customer has logged into the order but has not yet saved any changes to the design.
  • Partially Complete - You will see this with an order that has more than one design. Partially Complete means that the customer has edited and clicked on Save Changes for at least one of the designs in the order.
  • Complete - The customers has edited and clicked on the Save Changes button for the design in that order.
  • Ready to Process - This status will show for an order with a design that is set for the seller to process for the customer, after the customer has clicked on the Approve Proof button.
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