Open Designs - Overview


To view and manage your created designs in Corjl, click on the  Open Designs option in the Welcome Menu, or click on the Open folder icon at the top of the screen. Designs display using thumbnail images by default, and display 10 designs at a time. You can switch to the List view by clicking on the "List" icon shown in the image below.

If you select the  List view, you’ll see the following information for each design:

  •  Corjl listings that the design is connected to 
  •   Design tags
  •   Design dimensions 
  •   Design IDs 
  •   Date design was last modified

Designs are sorted alphabetically by default. You can sort your designs while in List view by Listing, Design ID, or  by Last Updated.

To edit or view a design, select the design you would like to edit, then click the  Open button found in the search bar area. You can open up to 4 designs at a time, using CTRL/COMMAND + Click. 

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