Difference between Pricing Plans

When you sign up for Corjl, you begin with a 15-day FREE trial. You can then select a pricing plan that is perfect for you. If you are a new shop you may want to start out with the START plan; if you are a well established shop, the SCALE plan could be a better fit. 

You can change subscription plans at any time. For example, if you begin with the "START" plan and begin to increase your sales you can then move to the next level plan. Your pricing plan does not automatically adjust to a different plan when you get more sales--you will need to switch to a different plan manually in your account Settings area (under the Billing Settings tab). 

You can also save money when you sign up for an ANNUAL plan. Pay the monthly subscription fee all at once upon signing up, so you do not have to worry about a monthly subscription fee. The annual plan can help save you 20% in subscription fees. With the ANNUAL plan, you will still be charged for each order transaction that is made.

In general, we tell our sellers to choose a plan based on the number of sales they believe they will have each month. So for example, we would recommend the following plans for the number of orders listed below:

START Plan: 1-50 transactions per month
GROW Plan: 51-200 transactions per month
SCALE Plan: over 200 transactions per month

This seems to be the guide to go by when deciding on which Subscription Plan to choose when signing up. Once you have signed up for a plan, you can change to a different pricing plan at any time in your Account Settings in Corjl.

For more information on each pricing plan click on this link: https://www.corjl.com/en/learn/pricing/

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