How to Create Your First Design in Corjl

The best way to get started with your new Corjl account is to create your first design! You can create a design from scratch, or use a design previously created in a different program as a template or guide. In either case, a design can quickly be created in Corjl using the following four easy steps:

1. Set Up Your Canvas and Name Your Design 

a) When you open up Corjl, you will see the following Welcome Menu

Click Create New Design to start. Next, you will be asked to Choose a Design Type. For all printed or digital download designs, select Digital or Paper Item Design from the Create from Scratch menu.

b) On the next screen, you will add a Name for your design, as well as add any tags you want to use to categorize your design for searching later. Choose a Page Layout (select 1 Artboard Per Page for single or multiple-page/front-back designs), then choose a size for the design (select from the most common options or click Custom to choose your own size).

c)  Click Save to create the design.

2. Upload and Place Your Images

a) To add images to your Corjl account to use for your design, click on the Images tab on the left of the screen. Once selected, click the Upload button to begin image upload. You can upload up to 20 images at a time and assign tags to images at the time you upload as well.

b) Once you have uploaded images to your account, you can now add them to your design. Drag and drop the desired image onto the canvas, or double-click on the image thumbnail in your My Images tab to add to the design.

3. Select or Upload Your Fonts and Add Text

a) Corjl has provided hundreds of fonts licensed for use in your designs in the Font Gallery. To add fonts to your account from the Font Gallery, click on the Fonts tab and then the Font Gallery button. Click to select the fonts you want, then click Save to add them to your My Fonts area.

b) You can also upload your own fonts to your Corjl account using the Upload button the same way you upload images. Be sure to obtain the correct (server) licensing permissions for fonts uploaded for use in Corjl.

c) To add text to your design using the fonts in your account, double-click on the name of the font you want to use to add text, or drag and drop the font name onto the canvas. This will create a text box with that font.

4. Set Design Settings and Add to a Corjl Listing

a) Once you have the design created, you will want to assign the settings for your customers. To do this, click on the Info tab from the left menu area.

Here you can select the file types customers can download, format the design for digital download or proof approval, and designate whether changes can be made after downloading or approving the proof. In addition, you can designate whether customers can change the design background, add their own images and text, and set the number of downloads.

b) When you have assigned the desired settings for the design, you are ready to add the design to a Corjl listing. Go to the Design Settings area in the Info tab. There, under Listings, you can type in the name for your Corjl listing.

Once you have added a name, click the "Save" icon next to the Listing name. Now your design is added to a Corjl listing and ready to connect to your shop.

For more information, please watch the video tutorial below:

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