How to Connect an Etsy Listing to Corjl

Follow the steps below to connect your Corjl listing to Etsy:

1. Create your design in Corjl (See the video tutorial on how to create your first design in CORJL:

2. Click on the Info tab for the design and scroll down to where it says Listings (it will be highlighted in red): 

3. Type the name you want for your Corjl listing in the Listing box and then click the Save button/icon. The red highlight coloring will go away and the name of the new listing will appear as a clickable blue "link" that will take you to the Corjl listing page when clicked.

You will now be able to see your new Corjl listing in the list when you click on the View Listings button in your Corjl account:

4. Create your listing in Etsy for your new design. 

5. Once created, copy the Etsy Listing ID from your Etsy listing. (Found in the Etsy listing's URL):

6. Paste the Etsy ID into your Corjl listing where it says Etsy Listing ID and then click the Save button.

Your Corjl Listing is now connected to Etsy and ready for sales!


Create a Corjl Listing from the Listings Page

You can also create a Corjl listing from the Listings page.

1. Open the Listings page by clicking on View Listings in the main menu.

2. Select the Create New Listing button and then in the prompt box that appears, name your listing.

3. Scroll down and click the Add Designs to Listing button.

4. Search for your design and then drag and drop your selected design into the "Added Designs" box on the right and then click DONE.

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