Orders Page Overview


You can view and manage your customer's orders by going to the Orders Page. You can open the Orders Page by clicking on the View Orders option from the Welcome menu, or you can click on the Orders icon at the top of the screen. Once you open your orders page, you will see your orders listed in chronological order by most recent.

To view the details for an order, or to log in either as a customer or seller, click on the small "arrow" icon to the far left of the order you wish to view. Once you have selected an order, you will see all of the designs included in the order. You will also see buttons for adding an individual design or add a complete Corjl Listing to the order. 

Next to each design you will see the design name, Corjl listing for the order, the Status for that design, the Download button for that design (to download the current version of the design), the number of Downloads Left for that design (click to edit the amount of downloads), the design expiration date (Item Expires - click the clock icon to edit), and a trash can icon you can use to delete the design from the order.

Below the designs you will see the Order Options section for that order. You can find the following features in this area:

  • Order Link - copy of the link that is sent to your customer to log into the order. 
  •  Status - Change the status of all the designs in the order here by selecting the desired status from the drop-down box and clicking on the Change Order Status button
  •  Resend the Order Email - You can resend the order email to your client here. 
  • Login as Buyer - If you need to assist a customer with personalizing their item, click button to login to the order as a buyer. 
  • Order Log - View customer logs to view order activity, including if your customer was able to log in and edit.

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