You have the option to include a bleed, which customers have the choice to include in their downloaded file.

To include a bleed in your design, open the Info tab and scroll down to the section Design Settings>Show Bleed. The bleed will display around the canvas (separated by a dashed line) for both you as a designer and for customers when they go to edit. By default, the bleed size is the print industry standard size of .125-inches on all four sides of the design (for a total of .25-inches added onto the length and width of the finished design size). You can also set this option up in your account Settings>Listing and Design Settings (upper RH side, under seller profile) so that the bleed is included every time you create a new design. (Please note that this will not change the settings in existing designs.)

If you select the Show Bleed in Download Options option for the design (selected by default), the bleed option for their download will be visible to customers, but won’t download by default. Customers will need to check the box that says Show Bleed in the print preview window when downloading.

If selected, the bleed option will be available when downloading in any format (JPG, PDF, or PNG). Please note that bleeds cannot be added to multiple artboards.

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